Scott Mauldin, Regional Sales Director, hosted two separate Certified Installer Conferences in February and March.  104 attended the conferences which included classroom teaching, hands-on learning and an exam at the conclusion of the two-day event to receive official certification.
HydroHoist provides annual installer training to ensure dealers, installers, and service technicians are provided with the latest information on HydroHoist products.





RotoMoldUSA Receives Face Lift

RotoMoldUSA – a division of HydroHoist Marine Group – has recently undergone improvements to the facility.

New external signage has been installed on the building and property, a new concrete apron outside the entrance, upgrade to gravel and parking, general cleanup, and increased storage for ta nks. A new pole was erected to proudly fly the American flag.

Inside there are improvements to the skylights and overall lighting, and new signage was produced for all the work areas and equipment. A diagram that explains the steps of the rotomolding process now hangs just inside the entrance, and plans are in place for a product display area.

According to HydroHoist Marine Group CFO/COO Adrienne West, “This is just the start as we work through the plant with a plan to continuously improve the processes and environment.”

On the operational side, RMUSA has seen an increase in production this year over last year. Plastic consumed is up 27% – most of the consumption is due to an increase in boat lift tank manufacturing but additional custom molding jobs have increased as well, according to Mike Everett, plant manager.


HydroHoist of Oklahoma

Reported by JB Robison, Regional Manager
“Walk this way!” As we ship the new HydroHoist aluminum Plank kits off our yard almost faster than we can stock them, I cannot
help but hear echoes of Steven Tyler’s voice. The sleek and durable appearance of our new walkway is receiving rave customer
reviews and positive feedback on our price point. As we predicted coming out of this year’s boat shows, the new anti-skid aluminum
walkways are EXTREMELY popular with orders backlogged and customers ready to install.
The new HP EXTREME has arrived! We received our first shipment of ten new HydroPort Extreme’s on June 9 and we had every
one of them sold sight unseen two days before they arrived. HMG began product marketing in the Grand Lake area on Memorial
weekend and consumer response is overwhelming.
Lake Wilson Marina, Clinton Marina and Prairie Lake Company have made an impact on the Kansas market through marina
growth and new dock construction. In Oklahoma Lake Eufaula is experiencing booming growth and transition with a new shoreline
management plan in place. #9 Marina, Whatever Floats Your Boat / Duchess Creek Marina and the new town of Carlton Landing
are catering strongly to the market growth. If you have not heard of Carlton Landing you need to check out their website, www., and see the amazing new development founded by Grant Humphreys.
2016 is shaping up to be a perfect storm for sales with amazing new product releases, lakes full of water and beautiful weather!
Helping us keep up with the demanding schedule and customer service is our new HHOK Installer, Lawrence McClain. He is a local
lifetime Grand Laker living in Ketchum that enjoys spending his off time with his six children

Investment Made in New Foaming Operation

HydroHoist Marine Group recently made a significant investment in a new foaming operation to further improve
quality of their products.
“We are one of only a few in our industry to utilize this process in-house; which means we control the quality
of our product start to finish,” said CEO Mick Webber.
The new HP Extreme Drive-On port is the first product to see the benefits of the EPS molding process.
The Manufacturing Process
EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam literally begins as a raw bead. The raw beads are expanded using steam, creating
pre-expanded beads, the expanded beads are released into a bed dryer and all condensed steam moisture
is dried from the surface.
After the expanded beads have been dried, they are blown into large open storage bags for the aging process.
After the aging is finished, the beads are ready for molding. The molding process involves taking the loose expanded beads and using a vacuum system to fill the cavity and evacuate the residual air. Once the port is filled it is placed into a steam fixture. Steam is applied using probes that reach into the port and apply the predetermined
set point. The heat from the steam and subsequent pressure increase cause the beads to further expand.
The beads are expanded to fill any voids between them causing the soft surfaces to fuse together into a solid structure. A computer releases the pressure after it reaches the cycle time. The loose beads are now fused into a solid block.
“What this all means is that we have a highly sophisticated process to help reduce leak elimination from our products. Our in-house process is something most of our competitors do not offer, and we believe what helps keep HydroHoist as the number one choice – our quality can’t be beat,” said HydroHoist Engineer Jonathan Lancaster.



Dealer Spotlight – Don Hunter DCH Marine

DCH Marine opened for business in 2001 on Lake Venice, Venice, Florida. Their original business plan was to
repair boats. They moved the business to its current location on Lake Timberland in Kentucky in 2006 – where
they drifted from boat repair to a towing service. They expanded into offering HydroHoist in 2010. They now935164_609865235690660_1688735058_n
do everything from dock building/repair, dive, and towing and boat lift sales and service.
Prior to 2000 Don was an auto body shop manager in Florida.
“I chose to be a HydroHoist dealer because they are the originators and the main player in the industry. After
working on them you can definitely see the difference from us and the other lifts that are around.”
According to Scott Mauldin, HydroHoist of TN Regional Director, “I was very excited when Don first reached
out to me about adding boat lift service to his repertoire. Marine Assist
being a well-established, trusted name on Lake Cumberland would give
our customers there a local option, providing much faster response times
for service needs. Since that time, Don has grown his HydroHoist business
from simply offering service on existing units, to being an authorized dealer,
offering the full spectrum of sales, installation, and service. Don has proven
to be a great partner, and a real friend to the company. His philosophy
of customer service mirrors our own and having him and his crew on the
HydroHoist team is a real asset.”
When asked if he had an interesting and/or challenging boat lift project Don
mentioned dealing with wide ships, underwater truss work, and slip dividers
as their main challenges.
“We have to ensure that we can get everything the customer
wants in their dock installed properly and safely.”
Don sees trends in their market as consumers are getting away
from smaller boats. Where he used to sell more of the 6600
pound HydroHoist lifts, in the last few years 8800 has become a
more common size. Additionally, he has installed three 22,000
pound lifts this year.
With his towing business keeping him tied up 24/7 year-round,
he doesn’t have much time for hobbies, but is enjoying his first
grandson – born two months ago.
“We service 1200 people that have a membership with our tow service, so it is a good data base of people that lead over into the boat lift sales.”

Congressman Jim Bridenstine visits RotoMoldUSA

HydroHoist Marine Group recently hosted a meetBridenstine visit
and greet with Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine.
Congressman Bridenstine’s visit included a tour of the
RotoMoldUSA facility, and a question and answer session,
with subjects ranging from healthcare to border control,
to matters affecting the marine industry.

HydroHoist employees Cale Grauer, James Killman, Derek Schiedel, Congressman
Jim Bridenstine,

New Product Releases Exceed Expectations

HydroHoist Marine Group had a fantastic start on the year; Q2 has slowed somewhat for boat lifts and seemingly for the industry, as well as the balance of the U.S. economy. This is most likely driven by weaker consumer confidence and sentiment, the U.S. retail economy reporting softer than expected results for the first five months of the year, and very surprising low jobs report for May.Mick Tank Photo '16

Regardless of whatever external market or economic pressures are presented to us, we will adjust accordingly to position the company to be strong and viable for the long term. I remain very optimistic that overall 2016 will be strong, growing and we will continue to lead the boat lift industry.

We have had a fantastic response to the release of the HydroPort Extreme PWC Drive-On Docking System. There is not a product on the market that offers the features and functionality of the HPE. We are currently working seven days a week, two shifts daily to keep up with the demand. I am very appreciative of our rotomold team agreeing to work this challenging schedule especially with an unusually hot Oklahoma June.

The next major product launch will take place in August with the introduction of the HarborHoist Gen2. This is a result of our acquisition of the LaunchPad in October, 2015. The HarborHoist Gen2 will make us a meaningful and stronger player in the saltwater markets – both domestically and internationally. I believe this product will exceed our freshwater business collectively in a few years.

Our Engineering team has done an excellent job listening to our customers’ needs and incorporating that into the new HarborHoist Gen2 design. The new design significantly increases lifting capacities (from a maximum of 8800 pounds previously to 18,000 pounds), provides simplified customer operation, easier assembly and installation, modulates for increasing capacity of an existing unit, more universal components to lessen inventory requirements, and cost per pound reductions.

As important as it is to introduce new products, we constantly strive to improve our existing lines. We have a good plan in place to identify those needs and work quickly on improving them. Simply anything that’s branded with the HydroHoist name has to be the best we can design and manufacture.

HyPower Power Pedestals continues to grow at an impressive rate. The HyPower team continues to focus on developing recurring commercial customer accounts and aggressively pursuing project specific accounts. No one else offers the functionality and features of the HyPower systems.

RotoMoldUSA is enjoying a good run by working two shifts, seven days a week to meet the demand of the new HPE’s, increase in boat lift volumes, and production of other non-marine products. I firmly believe that no one can out produce – with quality results – our rotomolding team. They are a special group that I much appreciate and respect. Many thanks for their efforts, hard work and expertise.

Thanks to all our employees, dealers, and customers for your dedication, loyalty, and commitment to HydroHoist Marine Group!

HP Extreme – latest innovation from HydroHoist Marine Group

The HP Extreme® is the newest product from the market originator HydroHoist Marine Group.

“The HP Extreme is the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market, with features unmatched by any in the boHP Extreme productatlift industry,” said HydroHoist CEO Mick Webber.

While docking, the PWC is fully roller-supported, utilizing high performance 5” x 2” rollers and roller width and placement is easily adjustable to accommodate different crafts. The platform is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) marine foam – for increased strength and leak elimination.

The new port has flat, anti-skid walking surfaces and an exclusive “air-pillow” bow stop.

“We’ve had customers involved in our testing and they say it’s the easiest drive-on port – truly eliminating the initial “bump” that many customers feel when driving onto a PWC port, and the added bow stop makes it easier to stop at the right point,” Webber said.

HydroHoist worked with Persico Group, an Italian company known as a worldwide leader in engineering mold designs. The mold was then shipped to RotoMoldUSA – a division of HydroHoist Marine Group – for final assembly and where production began earlier this month.

“This CNC mold means an exacting standard of form, function and fit – again, a first in our industry and in cooperation with another world-wide leader in their field. We are thrilled to bring this level of engineering to our customers,” Webber said.

In addition to the customer-friendly features, additional product enhancements include stainless steel roller axels for increased strength and compatibility with fresh, brackish, and salt water – allowing for applications in virtually every water condition.

The HP Extreme is one of three new products that HydroHoist Marine Group has brought to market so far in HP Extreme w driver2016 – the other two are a new two-valve boatlift control unit and a boatlift designed specifically for saltwater applications.

HydroHoist is the oldest and largest hydro-pneumatic boatlift manufacturer in the world.  HydroHoist serves a worldwide marketplace in all aspects of pleasure craft, service boats, Personal Water Craft (PWCs) and other floating vessels. HydroHoist owns five patents relating to boat-lift technology and electric power pedestals, and has International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications for its manufacturing processes. Learn more at

HydroHoist Supports Student Interns

HydroHoist is proud to announce its involvement in both an internship and shadow student program. The Intern Partnerships Program developed through OCAST (Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology), and in partnership with The University of Tulsa (a top engineering school), pairs young engineers with companies that will provide hands-on experience for soon-to-be graduates.

“It’s great to have these fresh, young minds around you – they tend to think outside the box and remind us to ask ourselves “why” – it also allows us to work on more projects and to see what the next generation is like,” said Engineering Manager Jonathan Lancaster.

OCAST’s Intern Partnerships (Intern) program helps retain Oklahoma’s best and brightest students by matching undergraduate students with an Oklahoma company to complete an innovative project together which benefits the student and company. To foster a successful project outcome, OCAST provides matching funding for a skilled student to support the pursuit of high tech research.

Additionally, two students from Claremore High School are “shadowing” the engineers at HydroHoist.


“We’ve had a great time working with these high school students – we’re hoping to help develop a passion for engineering and it allows students to determine if this is a career they’d like to pursue after graduation,” said Lancaster.

Both the internship and shadow program are examples of HydroHoist Marine Group’s commitment to community participation.

“I think it’s a great opportunity and I’m very happy that I was able to get the position!” says Kyle Chancellor. Kyle and Connor Hostler are both seniors at Claremore High School, and they shadow through the School to Work program. “This has been an excellent experience so far. I believe it has greatly helped to prepare me for the engineering career I am pursuing, and I have enjoyed every minute,” says Connor.

Jacob Fritsch and Tyler Trzecki are both interns. “As an engineering student at the University of Tulsa I value my education as the most important thing, however I realize that not everything  can be learned in the classroom.  HydroHoist has given me the opportunity to test my knowledge and add to it with their OCAST Internship Program.  Through it I have gained knowledge and experience that I could not get anywhere else,” said Tyler.

TU Senior Jacob said, “The engineering internship position has given me a lot of real world experience.  I have learned so much about every facet of HydroHoist. Jonathan and James are always there to help, but they give me the freedom to figure things out for myself.  My favorite part is that I feel that my projects are actually contributing to the company.  This position has made me much more prepared to start my professional life.”


Mick Webber, HydroHoist CEO said, “We are fortunate to have some really terrific young adults giving their time and being so willing to learn from our staff and provide fresh ideas. HydroHoist has a long tradition of involvement with our local communities – we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with our local schools and universities, as well as the state-funded research programs.”

Featured Dealer: Doug Carman, Approved Marine

The HydroHoist business venture started in 1978. Doug had a 24′ Superboat and needed a lift for it. He got in touch with the HydroHoist factory and Harold Rutter brought a 4500B to New York. He and Wes’ brother, Doug, assembled and installed it. Very shortly thereafter the dealership was formed. Sales took off in the 1980’s and Approved Marine was named the HydroHoist 1986 Top Dealer. Wes, wife Becky, and Doug have had a wide range of customers, and many interesting HydroHoist installs. A few of the highlights include President George H. W. Bush, John Gotti, and the U.S. Coast Guard. “The trend now is boats in the 37′ – 45′ range, that are rigged with triple or quadruple outboards. We also are a Mercruiser dealer, and that trend is what the market shows as well,” said Becky Carmen. “We installed a HydroHoist in the Boston area for a 50′ Outerlimits blue boat. The boat sells for over a million dollars.” When not busy at work, Wes enjoys hydroplane racing. He started out at 16 years old and raced off and on through the 1990’s. Hydroplane racing led to scuba diving, due to the fact that the drivers all went to enclosed canopy cockpits in the boats, and they needed an air delivery system. After many courses, he achieved his certifications and is a wreck diver and a cave diver. In recent years, Wes has been involved in C2 Corvette restoration. He completely finished a 1967 Corvette coupe, and is now working on a 1965 Corvette.