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How-To: Fall/Winter Boat Preparation

Fall/Winter Boat Preparation

Fall/Winter Boat PreparationWith fall just around the corner and the boating season coming to an end, many boaters have the same questions about boat preparation:

What should I do to get the hoist ready for winter?

In most cases a simple inspection is all that is needed. Examine the dock brackets; making sure that they are securely attached to the boat dock. Next, check the hoist attachment to the dock brackets. In most cases, the hoist will have stabilizer arms attached to the dock bracket via an arm pivot bolt. Look at the arm pivot bolts and confirm that the nuts are tightened on the bolts. Then check over the remainder of the hoist, visually inspecting the hardware to make sure that it is fastened firmly. Lastly, examine the hose clamps and control center. The hose clamps should be snug and the control center firmly attached to the deck. Leave the hoist in the fully raised position, closing the valve, until ready to boat again.

Another question that often comes up is

What is the best way to store the hoist when the boat is not on it?

Any time you are going to remove the boat for an extended period of time you should leave the hoist in the raised position. This will decrease the load on the dock and dock brackets while keeping the hoist clean and better protected from water corrosion.

In the event of extreme severe weather, such as a tornado or hurricane, it is best to remove the boat and store it in a secure location if possible. With the boat removed, store your HydroHoist in the raised position following the steps outlined above. If it is necessary to store the boat on the hoist, keep in mind that the dock and hoist will move more than normal during the heavy wind and wake. Double check the overhead clearance lowering any Bimini tops, lights, or antennas. You should always have a security line attached to the boat, but especially during bad weather. Cover the boat if possible to keep the rain out and keep the plug in making sure that your bilge pump is fully functional.

Your HydroHoist boat lift is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Give it a good inspection at least twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. This will help ensure that it keeps your boat high and dry, ready for the next boating season!

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