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History of HydroHoist


HydroHoist received the first patent for a hydro-pneumatic boat lift in 1964 and has never looked back since its humble beginnings. The company was launched at Hi-Lift Marina on Grand Lake. “Initially the need for the HydroHoist boat lift was created because of a restriction for land space for boat storage,” said HydroHoist CEO, Mick Webber. The HydroHoist was a quick, economical system that displaced the water by air and formed a free-floating lift. Once word of the invention became known, demand from boat owners increased, first in northeastern Oklahoma, and then throughout the Midwest. By 1971 the company moved to a plant in Claremore, OK, where the corporate office still remains today.

History of HydroHoist: Henry Rutter with original invention

Henry Rutter With Original Invention


During the 1970’s and 1980’s the industry expanded to meet consumer demand to hoist a number of different vessels – from personal watercraft, to lake cruisers, houseboats, and even military boats.  The business continued to sell boatlifts throughout the next decade.


HydroHoist Boat Lift Dealer Map



By the 1990’s HydroHoist established a research and development department and hired top level engineers to create new products and redesign and improve on the company’s existing line. HydroHoist continued building on the strength of the dealer network by offering exclusive dealerships and distribution sites. In 2006, Mick Webber was promoted to President and CEO.

Mick W Edited 2

HydroHoist Marine Group CEO, Mick Webber


Today, HydroHoist has 4 distribution warehouses located in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee – and a network of more than 600 dealers. HydroHoist Marine Group – under the leadership of Webber – has 75 employees and does business worldwide. The company exports products to 23 countries and has an international distributor and dealer network in more than 18 countries. In addition to HydroHoist Boat Lifts HMG includes HyPower and RotomoldUSA. HyPower provides easy-to-maintain, configurable pedestals suited for marina and RV applications. RotomoldUSA (previously known as Rotek) produces rotomolding services within the company as well as to other corporations including several Fortune 500 companies. “We strive to build the best by focusing on innovation as well as by offering the best in customer service – this is why we have generations of families who are HydroHoist users,” Webber said.