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HyPower: Now Offering LED Bulbs


New opportunities and developments have occurred at HyPower, the power pedestal division of HydroHoist Marine Group to help you save even more. Imagine a change where a new part,

1. Is expected to have a life at least 5 times greater than the last one 2. Saves 50% in operating costs each and every year 3. Green-friendly, not only saving energy, but has lower carbon dioxide emissions and is safer to dispose of 4. Operates better in the outdoor environment with no temperature or humidity sensitivity

It is not just a fantasy, it is reality. HyPower is now shipping LED bulbs in our power pedestals, the PowerPort and EnergyMate, LightCenter and FireCenter. Unlike light bars and regular light bulbs, HyPower-tested LED bulbs are tough, built to meet the demands of the marine, dock and RV industry with standard socket types. These LED bulbs are easy to replace and readily available in the marketplace, no special orders required. This is just another way HyPower sets itself apart from traditional power pedestals including:

• Patented PowerSnap® panels and bases add flexibility and save time in maintenance while allowing you to raise the level of customer service offered • Quality of build is heavier, exceeding industry standards for a longer, worry free life • Attention to detail with non-conductive materials and design features making the product safer and easier to use • AND NOW, LED Bulbs saving you even more money in total cost of ownership

HyPower progressively continues the tradition of being the best power pedestal value on the market.