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HyPower: Renovations Made Easy


Renovations Made Easy!Adding slips or spaces this off-season?  Need new pedestals to handle the larger RV’s or boats on the market today?  Are your power pedestals just worn out and need to be replaced?

If you are looking to make changes or additions before the next full season begins, one of your biggest concerns is how will you have the time and resources to make it happen.  In today’s business climate most of us just have the ability to focus on our day to day operations, the needs of our customer are the immediate priority with little time or resources to meet our long term objectives.  At HyPower we are not just a pedestal company, we are your one stop source for most electrical needs helping you grow your business as needed.  Our TotalPower solution allows marinas, dock builders and RV parks to make new construction, renovation or expansions a simpler, more efficient process.

Once we have your basic layout in-house, we can work with you on electrical design, load requirements and distribution gear needs in addition to our industry leading power pedestals and other facility requirements like light centers or fire pedestals. Substations, distribution panels, cable and more can be ordered and managed through HyPower with the same confidence and quality that you have grown to know and trust.

Not only is this easier, HyPower’s TotalPower concept makes sense saving you time and money on any project while receiving the technological and quality advantages of our HyPower pedestals.