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Dealer Spotlight – Don Hunter DCH Marine

DCH Marine opened for business in 2001 on Lake Venice, Venice, Florida. Their original business plan was to
repair boats. They moved the business to its current location on Lake Timberland in Kentucky in 2006 – where
they drifted from boat repair to a towing service. They expanded into offering HydroHoist in 2010. They now935164_609865235690660_1688735058_n
do everything from dock building/repair, dive, and towing and boat lift sales and service.
Prior to 2000 Don was an auto body shop manager in Florida.
“I chose to be a HydroHoist dealer because they are the originators and the main player in the industry. After
working on them you can definitely see the difference from us and the other lifts that are around.”
According to Scott Mauldin, HydroHoist of TN Regional Director, “I was very excited when Don first reached
out to me about adding boat lift service to his repertoire. Marine Assist
being a well-established, trusted name on Lake Cumberland would give
our customers there a local option, providing much faster response times
for service needs. Since that time, Don has grown his HydroHoist business
from simply offering service on existing units, to being an authorized dealer,
offering the full spectrum of sales, installation, and service. Don has proven
to be a great partner, and a real friend to the company. His philosophy
of customer service mirrors our own and having him and his crew on the
HydroHoist team is a real asset.”
When asked if he had an interesting and/or challenging boat lift project Don
mentioned dealing with wide ships, underwater truss work, and slip dividers
as their main challenges.
“We have to ensure that we can get everything the customer
wants in their dock installed properly and safely.”
Don sees trends in their market as consumers are getting away
from smaller boats. Where he used to sell more of the 6600
pound HydroHoist lifts, in the last few years 8800 has become a
more common size. Additionally, he has installed three 22,000
pound lifts this year.
With his towing business keeping him tied up 24/7 year-round,
he doesn’t have much time for hobbies, but is enjoying his first
grandson – born two months ago.
“We service 1200 people that have a membership with our tow service, so it is a good data base of people that lead over into the boat lift sales.”