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Featured Dealer: Doug Carman, Approved Marine

The HydroHoist business venture started in 1978. Doug had a 24′ Superboat and needed a lift for it. He got in touch with the HydroHoist factory and Harold Rutter brought a 4500B to New York. He and Wes’ brother, Doug, assembled and installed it. Very shortly thereafter the dealership was formed. Sales took off in the 1980’s and Approved Marine was named the HydroHoist 1986 Top Dealer. Wes, wife Becky, and Doug have had a wide range of customers, and many interesting HydroHoist installs. A few of the highlights include President George H. W. Bush, John Gotti, and the U.S. Coast Guard. “The trend now is boats in the 37′ – 45′ range, that are rigged with triple or quadruple outboards. We also are a Mercruiser dealer, and that trend is what the market shows as well,” said Becky Carmen. “We installed a HydroHoist in the Boston area for a 50′ Outerlimits blue boat. The boat sells for over a million dollars.” When not busy at work, Wes enjoys hydroplane racing. He started out at 16 years old and raced off and on through the 1990’s. Hydroplane racing led to scuba diving, due to the fact that the drivers all went to enclosed canopy cockpits in the boats, and they needed an air delivery system. After many courses, he achieved his certifications and is a wreck diver and a cave diver. In recent years, Wes has been involved in C2 Corvette restoration. He completely finished a 1967 Corvette coupe, and is now working on a 1965 Corvette.