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HydroHoist of Oklahoma

Reported by JB Robison, Regional Manager
“Walk this way!” As we ship the new HydroHoist aluminum Plank kits off our yard almost faster than we can stock them, I cannot
help but hear echoes of Steven Tyler’s voice. The sleek and durable appearance of our new walkway is receiving rave customer
reviews and positive feedback on our price point. As we predicted coming out of this year’s boat shows, the new anti-skid aluminum
walkways are EXTREMELY popular with orders backlogged and customers ready to install.
The new HP EXTREME has arrived! We received our first shipment of ten new HydroPort Extreme’s on June 9 and we had every
one of them sold sight unseen two days before they arrived. HMG began product marketing in the Grand Lake area on Memorial
weekend and consumer response is overwhelming.
Lake Wilson Marina, Clinton Marina and Prairie Lake Company have made an impact on the Kansas market through marina
growth and new dock construction. In Oklahoma Lake Eufaula is experiencing booming growth and transition with a new shoreline
management plan in place. #9 Marina, Whatever Floats Your Boat / Duchess Creek Marina and the new town of Carlton Landing
are catering strongly to the market growth. If you have not heard of Carlton Landing you need to check out their website, www., and see the amazing new development founded by Grant Humphreys.
2016 is shaping up to be a perfect storm for sales with amazing new product releases, lakes full of water and beautiful weather!
Helping us keep up with the demanding schedule and customer service is our new HHOK Installer, Lawrence McClain. He is a local
lifetime Grand Laker living in Ketchum that enjoys spending his off time with his six children