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RotoMoldUSA Receives Face Lift

RotoMoldUSA – a division of HydroHoist Marine Group – has recently undergone improvements to the facility.

New external signage has been installed on the building and property, a new concrete apron outside the entrance, upgrade to gravel and parking, general cleanup, and increased storage for ta nks. A new pole was erected to proudly fly the American flag.

Inside there are improvements to the skylights and overall lighting, and new signage was produced for all the work areas and equipment. A diagram that explains the steps of the rotomolding process now hangs just inside the entrance, and plans are in place for a product display area.

According to HydroHoist Marine Group CFO/COO Adrienne West, “This is just the start as we work through the plant with a plan to continuously improve the processes and environment.”

On the operational side, RMUSA has seen an increase in production this year over last year. Plastic consumed is up 27% – most of the consumption is due to an increase in boat lift tank manufacturing but additional custom molding jobs have increased as well, according to Mike Everett, plant manager.